Serving Springfield, IL, St. Louis, MO, and the surrounding areas

ICE CARVINGS ARE GREAT FOR ALL OCCASIONS: Ice carvings are a great addition to any party: wedding receptions, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, class reunions, retirements, baby showers, sorority/fraternity gatherings, corporate functions, holiday parties, fund raisers, church events, appreciation dinners, etc.

PRICES: All of our single block ice carvings cost $250.

DELIVERY: We deliver and set up the carving at the time of the event. Delivery is free up to 35 miles from Staunton, IL. Minimal delivery charge apply to areas outside of the 35 miles, please call us for charge amounts.

DISPLAY: Once displayed, carvings will last 8 hours or longer. The carvings are all displayed on a lighted glow-box, which can shine clear or colored light, and are equipped with a drain that allows the water to run into a bucket under the table. We require that the table which the carving is displayed on be skirted, which we can provide if necessary, to avoid the bucket being seen. We do require a $50 refundable deposit on the equipment that we leave for display.  The refundable deposit is returned to you after we get our equipment returned to us within 72 hours after delivery.  Do not let this aspect deter you form our product we work with you to meet somewhere convienent in order to get the equipment back to us.

SHAPES: We have created lots of different shapes but we do not limit ourselves to these shapes. We happily welcome new design requests, just contact us and we will work with you to accomodate the shape you desire. 

AVAILABILITY & ORDERING: The earlier you order, the better chance you will have that we will be available. Please contact us to check our availability and then we will mail a contract to you. We ask for $50 down when returning the contract and final payment is due two weeks before your function.


What is the purpose of an ice carving? Ice carvings are primarily for decoration. They are elegant and create a memorable addition to any event.

Where do I display an ice carving? Ice carvings can be displayed at the entryway, on an appetizer table, with a beverage station, near the dessert table, by a gift table or maybe your hall has a special place. We do recommend a dark background if available and little-to-no top lighting is encouraged.

How are ice carvings created? The carving process starts with a chainsaw and uses die grinders, wood chisels, and handsaws to complete the detail.

How big are the carvings? An uncut block of ice weighs 260 pounds, and stands 42 inches high, 20 inches wide and is 10 inches thick.

What do I do with the carvings when the party is over? You will need to dispose of the leftover ice either outside or in a sink. Simply hug the carving and lift it off of the box and carry it to the appropriate place.

Who are we and where are we located? Business owner Eric Snider is the carver, and his wife Angie Snider is the business manager. Together, they run this business out of their home at 703 N. Franklin St. in Staunton, IL.  

Other questions: Please give us a chance to answer your questions by filling out the form under "Contact Us" at the top left of this screen or feel free to call us 7 days a week at 618-635-4747 from       8am - 8pm for additional information.

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